Product Overview

WIS-ANG625 is a 4.95-7.125GHz 25dBi smart wireless networks grid antenna. It is highly compact to work with 

WIS-S1200AX wireless base station, and a pair of those combinationcan be used as ultra-long distance wireless bridge, 

providing more than 20km wireless point-to-point connection. It is also fully compatible with current 2*2 MIMO devices and 

would help the wireless ISPs and SIs build high performance and cost-effectivewireless networks.



Features and Benefifits

❆  Seamlessly work with Wisnetworks S-series base station

❆   Incredible wireless transmission range

❆   Provide outdoor weatherproof RPSMA connectors

❆   Support legacy 2*2 MIMO 802.11a/n/ac/ax 

❆   Ideal for wireless coverage and point to point or point to multi-point connection

Antenna Patterns