Product Overview

WIS-R5100 is a multi-WAN hotspot gateway which is ideal for Internet service provider or hotels / restaurant. It is fullfeatured with captive web 

portal authentication and PPPoE authentication, along with Wisnetworks unique powerful user account management feature for bandwidth 

usage limit and time/date limit. The gateway supports up to 50,000 sessions and more than 100 online users, using the 11-inch rack-mount 

design, built-in power supply. Integrating Wisnetworks intelligent QoS and APP management feature,WIS-R5100 helps you build a professional 

ISP level network easily and quickly, and provide you best Internet experience for WISP, Hotel and other industries.


Captive Web Portal

 Customized Portal Page

 Unlimited user account

 Verifified by date/duration/traffific

 Account expiration notice


PPPoE Server (PPPoE)

❆  Support PAP/CHAP/MS-CHAP v2

❆  User download/upload speed limit

❆  Unlimited user account

Load Balanced WAN 

❆  Up to 4 WAN ports

❆  Merge and boost up Internet speed

❆  Policy for different ISP line


Smart QoS / APP Management

❆  Bandwidth and priority based QoS

❆  Policy for LAN application

❆  Layer-7 smart QoS


Network Topology