Product overiew

The WIS-SF800P is the world first voltage-adjustable PoE switch, compatible with IEEE 802.3at. You can easily adjust the PoE output 

with 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC slide the small switch on the front panel, thus making it easy to power up different type PoE access point.  


Extremely Wide Voltage Scale

The WIS-SF800P provides 12V, 24V, 48V three different level voltage output for compatible with almost all PoE 

access point and cameras. From now on you can use just one model to solve all power over Ethernet requirement.  


Over Voltage Protection

What will happen if you improperly plug the 48V power to a 24V access point? WIS-SF800P can detect the right input voltage of currently connecting 

device. If a wrong PoE device detected, it automatically shuts down the related PoE port and all the PoE leds will be flashing as alert.


Output Power Indicator

There are two leds indicating the power consumption status, which will let you roughly know that how many percentage 

of power has been used, helping the network planner whether it is possible to power up more access points or cameras. 


Hardware VLAN Feature

Turning on the VLAN switch on the front panel will isolate the data transmission of port 2~8, similar to client isolation feature in wireless access 

point. All those port can only pass the data to port 1 / uplink port, thus keeping a secure network and avoiding network broadcast storm.